Monday, April 21, 2008

Micaeous clay, blue beveled beaded bowl.

My English teacher would be so proud of me. That was a lovely use of alliteration. I had to look up that word, and it is in fact, correct! Here is a glimpse of a bowl/vessel I just finished in micaeous clay. This one is particularly smokey. For more info on micaeous clay visit this link.

Here is a detail of the side view:

After I pit-fired it outside my studio, I sewed beads onto it using silk thread pulled through beeswax. Little seed pearls on the underside help to hold the glass beads in place. I have a similar one I use on my dresser for jewelry. You could also use it to contain sage or lavender or anything else that takes your fancy. For more details click here! You can see a slide show with the images LARGE here.

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