Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

Monarch butterflies, prepare for migration on March 21st from Mexico. Story here...

Ne'r has there been a spring when I have been jonesin to clear out as much as I want to this spring! Quite a few plates are spinning in my life at present, and it's very interesting to climb up on a ladder and look down and see them all. Especially knowing I was the one to set them in motion. Mon dieu, I'm a bit dizzy. :)

But onward to some very wonderful words by someone called Lena... Thank you, wherever you are. 
The main theme for March is OPPORTUNITY. Other influences and sub-themes will include creativity, inspiration, renewal, regeneration, breakthrough, moving forward, innovation, resiliency, resourcefulness, and new ideas. This may sound like a fabulous month and it can be, however you must be willing to give something up in order to be able to manifest and experience what the month has to offer: Attachment. Attachment to how things were, should have been, should be now, what you should have done, what others should have done, what you or others should be doing now.

As I look around at my two work spaces that are the antithesis of tidy I am gratified to read this...
High creativity can sometimes manifest chaos, confusion and depression when something keeps the energy from flowing. It is a highly feminine influence and does not come from the mental realm. It is important to allow creativity to use the emotional and the intellectual center but not to be restricted by either one. If you feel yourself falling into chaos, confusion or depression, move yourself towards something that inspires you.

And so to walking somewhere new...
The energy wants to move and it wants to move into new directions. Stubbornness is the fear of change by holding on to the attachments of the past. The combination of stubbornness and the feminine creative forces are manifesting for some of you in a lot of lower back issues, and problems with the hips and knees. It is a holding back out of fear that is manifesting itself physically. A good practice is to literally walk in new places that you have never been with intention that you are moving towards the new and the unknown with excitement and inspiration. Be inspired by what you see around you as you walk in new territory. Be accepting and fully receptive to any opportunity that your walk will provide. In this way you are doing a practice to retrain your habitual behavior and to assure the body that it is OK to try new things. It is also very important not to be comparing whatever you are involved in presently with your experiences of the past. So if you are walking in a new direction or along a new route, do not compare it with your old territory but rather see it with completely fresh eyes for how it supports you right in the present moment. This is a practice you can do with any little thing in your daily life that will help with moving through the stubbornness and the fear of change.

Resiliency is flexibility, another antidote to stubbornness. If something does not work out like you thought it should, accept it without judgment and move onto something else without the need to understand what it was that did not work. This is an emotionally centered year that means most things will not make intellectual sense but they will feel right or not feel right. If something does not feel right, don’t try and intellectually understand or define why, just trust the process. The beauty of these times is that things are moving very quickly and if something is not right is will show itself to be eliminated rather quickly. The main thing is to be proactive with any process and to keep looking forward, being receptive to any opportunity the universe sees fit to place in your path.

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  1. i know you can only take credit for capturing them, but those clouds are exquisite. :-)
    and you know how i feel about lena's extremely encouraging words for march.
    thank you for sharing both.