Friday, June 5, 2009


I've been doing some research lately. Without the internet I don't know how I would have come across as many jewels as I have. The Internet Sherpa led me to another: Thou Noesis, which means divine intelligence. Which led me to some jewels about Athena, who was probably of Minoan descent, but associated with the city of Athens; and who was apparently known by a higher title as well: Thou noesis. Her companion animal was an owl.

I remembered the owl I had found on the new Capricorn moon last year, and called her Athena. I'd never found an owl before. Perhaps this is where the 'wise owl' idea comes from; its association with Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, among other things. And Sweetie recently came across a beautiful owl feather which he gave me, and graces one of the many 'altars' I seem to create around my creative spaces. Somehow, this is all connected. 

It got me ruminating on the English language. And how, once upon a time, we called one another thou. And perhaps most of us had no idea we were acknowledging the divine in each other, just by using this one little word. I wonder when we stopped using it. William sure used it a lot... You can click on his name for a mini history lesson.

More of Athena, the little screech owl... Clicking on the image will give you a larger, clearer view.

Her feet and legs amazed me...

Sleeping soundly...

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