Sunday, April 18, 2010

Listen to Your Body: It Knows

I presently have a really challenging skin condition that is being aggravated by the invasive juniper pollen we have proliferating here in northern New Mexico. This itchy, scaly, extremely uncomfortable circumstance has forced me to really scrutinize my diet. As we all know: everything is connected. Not like I'm a junk foodie, far from it. But there are certainly some foods that are better than others for you, and especially during allergy season. What's more, if your skin is upset, you can pretty much figure that something inside is trying to get your attention.

Extensive studies have shown that 70% of our immune system is connected to the gut. Or, our digestive system. And with allergy sufferers in particular, having a wobbly set of intestines is paramount in contributing to the problem.

I've known this for a while and have been very careful with my intake of gluten, corn, sugar, alcohol, and dairy. Ideally, these should be eliminated entirely. Wah! I know, boring. But if you want things to run tickety-boo then one needs to eradicate the stress of these foods. Your liver, in particular, will thank you for it.

Even through the winter I was guided to eat a lot of salads, and cucumber, celery, cilantro, and cabbage; all raw, which is usually just the opposite of what I want: warm and cuddly foods. I actually craved cabbage. And I am still craving cabbage. I wanted to know more about cabbage. So I set out on a cabbage expedition.

I came across this recipe from my new favorite food blog,, and was immediately salivating. Then I had to pay a visit to google and look up the health benefits of cabbage. I was amazed at what I found. I knew it was alkalizing and beneficial for the digestion, but I had no idea that so much goodness could be in one, simple, humble cabbage.

Here are some things I found out. Everything you wanted to know about cabbage but were afraid to ask. Please check The Mighty Cabbage page on my new blog (!) here.

Be sure to check out Jules Clancy at her blog, from whence the cabbage salad recipe came. If you love good, fresh food, and beautiful photography, you will love her blog from Down Under.

A great juicing site: This page will lead you to the bennies of juicing cabbage.


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