Thursday, October 28, 2010

A rising tide flips all the boats...

... so said Chase Jarvis.

I just tuned in to a live stream from Photo District News's Photo Plus Expo in NYC this morning. The keynote speaker was Chase Jarvis, photographer director inspiring sharer of all things creative. I cannot remember how I first heard about him, maybe a blogger called Pat Flynn. Or from some other place to which the IS (Internet Sherpa) guided me.

Regardless, it was a very inspiring hour with the key message that NOW is the most exciting time to be here, being creative, on your path, doing/being what makes your soul sing.

A generous, insightful, thoughtful, and inclusive presentation that is well worth tuning in to if he rebroadcasts it on his blog. Which I hope he does.

In the meantime here's a link to a recent adventure of his somewhere in Asia during typhoon season, where he was literally brain-storming about today's address. It made me chuckle. :~)

Or, you can watch it here, too.

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