Monday, July 11, 2011

And then the rains came...

Driving north on I-25. Photographed through the windshield. Click to enlarger.

We've been so parched here in the sou
thwest. Not much moisture since January. A lot of fires as a result. But today, a crackin' thunderstorm with steady rain for several hours visited us. Bliss. I can hear the creatures, the plants, and the trees celebrating.

The reason I've been so absent from this blog is because
Parlez and I have had to move several times in the last few months. We finally moved out of the house on Old Dog Run (seriously, that IS the name) after five years. And we finally figured out (thanks to sweetie still being there) in the early spring, a couple of months after I had to leave, the cause of my severe health issues escalating into a near-fatal reaction back in December, was because of MOLD.

I am not one to go into a lot of detail about things like this in my life, but several people have told me I should write something about it. After I get settled I will, only because I feel it could help so many people. It's odd when folks who are not from New Mexico say, "Mold? You have mold there? But it's so dry." Honestly, mold will grow anywhere there is cellulose and moisture in an enclosed, dark and unventilated area. So even if you live in the Gobi Desert, you can have mold.

So many blessings have come out of this experience, not the least of which is a deeper understanding of aspects of myself, and a very clean diet. (Not like I was a junk foodie before :). I look forward to sharing some things in the future that may be of help, and even inspiring.

Wishing you many moments of wonder this summer, and beyond.
Love from Elsa and Parlez

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