Monday, June 23, 2008


As the mercury sweats past 90º it seems refreshing to show these shots from April after we'd had a blessed spring snow. Parlez for one was excited as he'd had enough of the wind and dust and this moist white stuff could bring about oodles of goodies for him to explore. He was having a ball running left and right along the path, running, stopping, hiding, running, stopping. He was great fun to practice shooting with and I felt I'd gotten a sense of his rhythms. The shot above is all ready for him to run into the right side of the picture. I'd pan and shoot and follow him along as he ran to the right of the frame, which of course he would.

However, he didn't budge. He waited. I was poised. He waited. I waited. He waited. I waited, finger-ready, on the trigger to catch his move.

What I realized later as I saw this image below in close up, was that he was saying, "Mama, you have no idea what I am about to do. So I hope you're ready cuz I'm only gonna do this once."

And instead of zipping to the right, running and screeching to a stop in the snow, he did this.

"No way mama. That was it. Not doing it again cuz the whole idea is spontaneity. If I do it again for you it will ruin the game."

And he was right. So I think of this shot as the one that almost got away. I've been able to put into use the Girl Scout credo I learned so long ago: Be Prepared. And if you want to see this in action, scroll down to the bottom of the blog page and you'll see what I mean. :0)

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