Saturday, October 25, 2008

Close Up

This morning I came in to my work room and thought about turning on the computer. Parlez was lounging in a sun beam on top of my folders, notes and papers. I greeted him and he looked over at me squinting and said, "Mama, you're not going to work today are you? It's so beautiful today and autumn is at its height. You really should be outside." I grabbed the camera and he stuck his nose into the lens, trying to see if there was anything appetizing. Nope. No mouse. No kangaroo rat (a gift last night). No mountain beaver. And the lizards are gone for the year. Well, I guess I'm going to quit this taco stand and see what's going on outside. And with that he jumped down and scooted out of his kitty door. If you click on this photo you will see a very persuasive cat telling you to go outside and have some fun. Go on. Try it. :~)

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