Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Popping Forth Those Pinon Seeds

We have had a bumper crop of pinon seeds this year. The big pinon jays have been gorging themselves, and no doubt hiding a few as well. A friend shared with me their beaks are the perfect length for planting. They will bury a seed near a mature pinon tree, in its shade, at exactly the perfect depth. It will grow as the sheltering tree ages, and when it's time the seedling will have matured to take its place. Now isn't that a marvel?

For me, these seeds are the most beautiful nuggets of burnished copper brown that I wish I could string on a necklace. I've been collecting them to make a collage. Sweetie often passes the bowl wistfully, "Are you sure I can't just eat these?"  No, not yet. :-)

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