Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I found Athena Screech Owl on the night of the new moon, laying on the dirt surrounded by snow in front of our shed. I am just in awe of her beauty, especially her fuzzy feet with the amazing nubby toes and talons. I cannot help but think she died of rodent poisoning as today Parlez brought a juvenile Cooper's Hawk who was in the last throes of its life. Parlez merely found it, he did not hunt it. Two raptors dead with no sign of external harm makes me suspicious. 

I will be posting images of him and more of Athena this week, with a plea to people not to use poison but instead let these beautiful creatures be the intrepid and profusely proficient hunters they are. For those who don't have these majestic birds in their midst, battery-operated mouse trap zappers work really well. 

You can pass this link on to others by clicking on the post title and copying the url from your browser into an email. Thank you for being aware. 


  1. I was moved by this post, having just run out into the snow this morning to rescue a bird who kit the window and went face-down...he survived, after being held and kept warm for 3 or 4 minutes. Thank you for noting The Sister Project in your sidebar; I hope we will see you there among us often.

  2. Margaret, so lovely to have you visit. It is amazing when the birds come to us in their various ways. I was so moved on Valentine's Day by a female Northern Flicker (who did not survive) I had to photograph her, and it became a little film. You can view it on the Feb. 14 2008 post, under the "hearts" label section.

    I would be honored and delighted to be part of the Sister Project. Thank you!

  3. Good Morning Dear Elsa,

    I have your blog sent to my e-mails so I can "connect" with you more often. I visited another site you recommended..Elsa Mora. Her reflection on a far away friend reminded me of you.

    "But we are always connected through that invisible thread that a real friendship is.
    Those truly linked don't need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever."

    That reminds me of how you and I can connect when we do see each other...picking up where we left off. Connected on the inner with the THREAD of Shabda that is from the DIVINE!

    Your article and picture of the owl reminded me that we do have to "outflow" our messages that we receive. I will share this message of the NON POISON way with others in this area.

    Your Bee Gallery is so appealing to me...I love the copper and the mica...so full of warmth and energy.

    Blessings to you Dear Elsa and I am so grateful for our connection.

    Much Love,
    Deb Davis

  4. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Deb. I love the idea of the invisible thread of true friendship. How sound and beauty-full!

  5. Elsa, I found a link to your site on Blogging with Beth (http://www.bloggingwithbeth.com/blogs-i-love/), and was immediately drawn to your post on the Athena Screech Owl. Your blog is lovely. Thank you. I lived in Santa Fe until recently, and am now back in the Colorado mountains where I grew up. I'll be visiting Santa Fe in a few weeks, though, and look forward to spending some time back out at The Santa Fe Horse Shelter.

  6. Page, So glad you found Bird's Eye View from Beth's blog. How lovely! Your name sounds familiar, I have no idea why. Thank you for your kind comments. I cannot say how much finding this beautiful bird touched me. I will be making a mini movie of her as I did with the beautiful Great Northern Flicker, which you can find in the Feb 2008 archive under Valentine's Day. Have a wonder-full reunion with Santa Fe when you come~