Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lola and the Green Smoothie

Today I was pup sitting for a lovely girl called Lola. She and I went down to the garden to pick fresh greens for a nice summer green smoothie, because... I found a Vita Mix in her kitchen. (And it really is her kitchen :) If you have never used one, they are amazing whipper whirlers that blend solid food into a pureed liquid, while still retaining the desire to actually drink it.

We put in: arugula, red chard, blueberries, apple, peach, young coconut flesh and coconut water, strawberries, unfiltered apple juice, and a cup of still mineral water. You can add just about anything as long as you remember to keep the greens dark and leafy. The sweetness of the fruit makes the greens taste delicious, and the enzymes in the raw begin working on your system immediately.

Tips I just learned: Keep the ingredients simple–mine may have been a bit too exotic. Don't use starchy veggies like carrots. And most important, don't chug your smoothie. You are meant to chew it, so that the saliva starts to break everything down, and begins to secrete digestive enzymes to aid in digestion. Voila!

My sweetie had been gardening and he said the ache in his shoulders went away about a half an hour after drinking it. Can I say he was none too keen to taste it in the first place? Now, he's a convert. Lola, on the other paw, still prefers her dog biscuits.


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