Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birds of a Feather: Amazing Crop Circles

Just browsing through the wondrous pages and came across these images of crop circles taken by a chap in the UK. They are both from 2009. This first one looks a lot to me like peacock feathers. I have long been a fan of these amazing feathers, not only for the colors of the exquisite eye, but also of the symbolism that accompanies it.

The second one looks very much to me like an owl, another favorite bird of mine. Both of these were made this year, and the jump from geometry to geometric birds is quite something.

Truly amazing, both!

There are a lot of naer-sayers about the crop circles, but I ask you: who could possibly do this on a tractor in the middle of the night?!

To see more of Steve Alexander's work, you can click here.

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