Sunday, March 28, 2010

Passing Over into Spring

I was walking around the yard, 'our' woods, and happened to look down, and over to under, an ancient juniper tree, at something turquoise and quite luminescent, and here it is just as I found it, a perfect robin's egg.

Quite magnificent it was. It seems now, still at the tail end of a long winter, to be a beautiful symbol for spring, renewal, for Passover, and Easter. And bunnies. I have seen one patiently waiting for the grass to come alive again. And for robins. There are so many robins around here this year. I love the color of their breasts. The way they warble-chirp. Their plumpness, their friendliness. Their peppyness. And I love the way the female creates the most luscious and gorgeous-colored eggs.

I still have this one after almost two years. It may have been stolen by a crow, I don't know. But it is tucked away inside a dried coconut shell. Occasionally I take a peek at it, a treasure, a miracle of nature.

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  1. So lovely! Hey, I ran into Jessica Switzer today at lunch. Chatted about the good old Broder days.