Monday, March 1, 2010

Synchronicity and Chopin

Happy 200th Birthday, Frederic! 200 and still sounding wonderful.

Frederic Chopin is 200 years old today. It's amazing to learn that he composed my favorite piano concerto when he was only 20 years old. It debuted in Warsaw in March of 1830, shortly before he left for Paris. You can hear the middle part of it here, the Romance or Larghetto. I hope to use this in a film one day. Here he is, the only known photo of him at age 39, just before he died of TB.

This piece was not, however, used in Impromptu, a fine historical romp in a French château which told of his relationship with the famed French writer, George Sand. I did some research on her as well...

I love that a French Baroness in the 19th century would divorce her Baron, wear trousers, then change her name to a man's so she could follow her passion of writing (often sensational romance) novels. My kinda girl.

As for the synchronicity...

I was walking last week, listening to some music, which got me thinking about the wonderful experience I'd had photographing sea horses last year. About how I wanted to re-edit the work and make a finer cut movie of it. I had just learned from my friend that at least one of these creatures had given birth to a whole new batch of sea horses. I saw the image of the one looking at me as I photographed him: a single blue eye staring through the glass.

Then an interesting thing happened. I got home and checked my email and saw a new post from Bird's Eye View. Strange, I hadn't posted anything new... I opened it, and lo and behold it was the one from last July about the sea horses.

I have no control over this at all :) I publish a post, and at a certain time the same evening, the post is forwarded to all my subscribers. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a post is sent again at a much later date. It is a mystery. And this time, synchronicity.

Even though I cannot quite put it into words at present, I know the sea horse and Chopin are connected. Perhaps it is through the constellation of Pisces. But that is another story...

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