Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Life...

I had the opportunity last week to attend a marvelous reading hosted by the Lannan foundation here in Santa Fe. If you were once near neighbors of Walt Whitman and George Bernard Shaw, as I was at different times in my life, then you just might be drawn to the poetry of Eamon Grennan. I was—without having read a word—and boy was I glad I followed the big little voice that said, please go. I am not a critic by any means, but I know what resonates with me, and Mr. Grennan's work does. After being introduced by the warm and erudite Dennis O'Driscoll, an Irish poet himself, he read from several books. I still see traces of many he read for truly, his poems are paintings. If you would like to tune into the podcast from February 13th, click here and watch the space. It should be posted soon.

Here is his poem from the book Still Life with Waterfall published by Graywolf Press. The song of birds and hearts continues. Enjoy.

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