Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day is every day...

...Isn't it? 
The internet is busy this evening. Everyone must be blogging instead of snogging. OK, not everyone. This seemed like a good day to officially launch my blog and tell a few souls about it. With the wizards at Google they've made it very user friendly and it's actually fun to set up :)
This heart is made of micaeous clay and you can find out more about it on my new (brand spanking new) Etsy site.

Last year on this same day a most glorious thing happened. It was sad but also very touching. A female Northern Red Flicker crashed at high speed into our floor-to-ceiling windows. I got outside a few seconds before she took her last breath whereupon Michael came out and lifted her up out of the snowy juniper. Hiding beneath the wing her white breast was covered in little black hearts. I was awestruck. I laid her on a snow bank so her mate would know where she was. It continued to snow gently for the rest of the afternoon, the crystal flakes building a quiet cocoon around her. I was very drawn to photograph her transition and this video came out of those images.

As Rumi said, "All the particles of the world are in love and looking for lovers". Translated by the gifted Coleman Barks in his book, The Essential Rumi. Happy Valentine's Day.

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