Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Arctic Tale

If you like adventuring to far-off places (say, the arctic), in-joy nature programs, or always wanted to have David Attenborough for an uncle—and you haven't already seen this film—then may I boldly and humbly suggest: rent it, buy it, or steal (I mean borrow) it to watch. Don't let the cover fool you, as it did me. It's not an animated movie at all. And it contains some of the most glorious natural cinematography I've seen, both of the animals themselves and the land/seascape. I believe it took the filmmakers over eight years to get the footage. They had to wait four years just to see a walrus. And to actually come across a pup was quite miraculous apparently. I cannot imagine anyone other than Queen Latifah narrating it (sorry David). And there's even some original catchy music to accompany the adventures. The how-they-made-it portion is wonderful as well. I got my copy from National Geographic. You can rent it from Netflix. You can preview it here. Fire up the popcorn, hunker down and enjoy. 

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