Friday, March 28, 2008

Buzzing Explosions

This is not a penguin floating in Peptobismal (sit back a little to see). It is a tulip!

I was just sitting here minding my own business compiling a whole host of goody links at dancingbeeacres bee products when KABOOM POP KABOOM!!! outta nowhere a light bulb exploded just over my head. So without further ado I am passing these on to you, links for the following wonderous products from the heavenly bees of eastern Oregon. The site has lots of great information, also regarding neem. Don't get me started on neem. It is the wonder plant/tree of all time. The bees and the neem make a pretty potent combination. Check these out for yourself. Yummm!

Royal Jelly         Healthy Hive Combo         Neem Honey

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  1. The author says: Yes, I know I spelled Pepto Bismol incorrectly. On purpose. I guess I was remembering how it tasted. How did they get it SO PINK?!