Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada

I just finished watching a 1993 VHS (written, produced, directed by Tom Neff) of Beatrice Wood being her amazing gracious and vivacious self. She was born in March 1893 and died the same month 105 years later. (Yes, 105 :) This film was made to celebrate her 100th birthday, and it shows current footage of her throwing at the wheel (and very well, too), and several interviews with herself and others. She attributed her youthfulness to young men and chocolate, which may be true, but her shining attitude probably had much more to do with it. What an inspiration. I'm not sure if the movie is still available as I borrowed it from a friend. 

If you'd like to read about her click here. If you'd like to see her autobiography, "I Shock Myself", it's here. And if you are drawn to her luminous ceramic work and have a spare $4,800 you can buy this large loving cup (shown above) from I also love her plate of Elizabeth I (same site for $6,400). 

She said she would have these three sentences put on her epitaph: Now. Understanding Oneself. Compassion. This, and the quote below, gives us all (artist or not) encouragement to keep laughing, keep working and keep eating chocolate. Yum!

"Remarkably, it was during the artist's nineties that Wood produced some of her finest work including her now signature works, tall, complex, multi-volumed chalices in glittering golds, greens, pinks and bronzes."  

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