Sunday, March 2, 2008

Everything is a vibration

It was January and I was catching up on some reading about the upcoming Chinese New Year. Young Parlez, pictured at left, decided he would jump up on my desk and position himself about two inches from my computer screen. Now this little guy hasn't been with us too long, but I'd never seen him do that before. I thought it very humorous he would be so interested in this email, especially as it contained some good pointers on the soon-to-be Year of the Rat. After sufficient study he jumped down and left me to finish reading about my Rat Return, being born under this auspicious (I now feel) year myself.

A couple of weeks later I was again at my computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw young Parlez fly through the kitty door with something wiggly in his mouth. Please don't let it be another Juniper Titmouse, I thought. Oh, and it wasn't. In fact I didn't know what it was. It was furry and kind of cute. No puncture wounds on it, just soggy shoulders. Despite it being a wonderful gift I knew it did not belong inside, and after a few panicked expletives I ran up the stairs to get a yogurt carton. A large one. A yogurt carton? It's not going to fit in there. And I ran back and shut the door so it couldn't scurry any further, wondering what I was going to put it in for transport, when I glimpsed an empty storage bin on the front porch. Perfect! I was able to scoop up the little big thing and liberate it back to wild kingdom, leaving Parlez searching in great earnest for his prized catch.

As I walked it out away from the house, way far away from the house, I was reassuring it that everything was quite alright. And sorry to displace him so far from his lodgings but I couldn't risk the great white hunter nabbing him again. The little big creature blinked up at me as I tipped it out (gently) and I said I hoped he'd be able to find his way back. Whereupon I went back to my office and thanked a perplexed Parlez for such a glorious gift, and shared with him that we could not keep it because it no doubt had a family of its own.

When SP (that would be Sweetie Pie, my partner) came home I said, "You'll never guess what Parlez brought in today."
"Oh? What was it?" And the rest of the conversation went something like this, because I honestly couldn't answer him as to what it was.
"Well, it was about this long [8 inches]. And about this big around [almost 3 inches]. And it was a really pretty red-brown color. And it had little ears and whiskers, and kind of a tail I suppose, an abbreviated one. And it was cute. I think it was a hampster."
And he, patiently listening to my discourse, gave me his best I-hate-to-break-it-to-you-look and said,
"Elsa, it was a rat."
And that was that.
And then I realized just how tuned in Parlez Beaucoups is. He does his research and knows his mamma is a rat (as it were) and goes out and gets one for her for Chinese New Year. How about that, for a cat?
Pythagoras was right. Everything is a vibration.

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