Friday, July 25, 2008

Hummer the Magnificent Thwarts Red Rogue Rufous

Rufous the rogue hummer finally buzzed off to let little Magnificent drink some nectar. Here he/she is on approach, and drinking. Can you see the left wing? It's above the neck and head. I just love these little symbols of joy. And dang, are they hard to shoot! Especially when red russet Rufous is always chasing them away. He is so hyper I've not managed to get a shot of him yet...

And let's not forget the great white hunter, who is an avid tree climber (he especially likes TALL Aspens). He just happened to be in the vicinity and quite interested in the hummer, but realized he couldn't be out on a limb and bird chasing. So he just paused, curious in admiration.

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