Friday, July 11, 2008

Sheep, Goats and a Yarn Farm in Martha's Vineyard

When I was about 13 years old my pal Al and I went on an adventure with the Crusaders. No, not Randy Crawford and her group, but a type of bible study group we belonged to in Hertfordshire, England, where I grew up. I think I joined for the trips and so I wouldn't have to go to church (I was required to do something in this vain). But that's a whole other story.

So one April Al and I went to Cae Canol, in Wales. An idyllic little town green as you've ever seen. I remember we slept in bunk beds. And I remember we set out to climb Mount Snowdon. I took my trusty Vivitar 110 camera (the slim ones with the teeeenie negatives) to get some outstanding in-progress shots, and similar ones once we reached the top. It was overcast when we set out and continued to get worse the further up we went. Polyanna me said that no doubt it would be clear as a bell once we reached the top. Al was a little more skeptical, because she just was, and also her mother was from Wales so she was very familiar with the Welsh weather.

So we climbed and climbed, and climbed. A few hours later we ascended the summit plodding and puffing a bit, but we were at the top. We were elated. And we were also completely socked in, with nary a vista for the eyes to behold, just a thick layer of grey pea soup. Visibility was about five feet so we seized this opportunity to have someone take a shot, maybe two, of us to prove we had actually done it.

But on the way home.... and this brings me to the whole point of the story. On the way home walking through a field we came across some sheep, and in particular, a ewe just about to give birth. This was absolutely enthralling to me. I had to stop and document the whole thing. Which I did, as the others continued. I think I finished up the roll, and ran to catch up.

When I got home the gang said, "Let's see your photos from your trip!" And I proudly showed them the (groovy 1970s color) prints. The general response was: "Where's that? Oh, Snowdon. But what are all these other pictures of sheep? And this one all bloody? Oooooo." I excitedly recounted the whole thing about how we were passing by at the perfect time, and wasn't that fortunate and isn't this all just amazing. "Very nice Elsa", they said nodding, sticking them into the envelope and handing it back to me.

And that was when I knew: some people just don't get it.

So in the spirit of adventure, nature and creatures, entrepreneurship and innovation (all close to my heart), I present to you this inspiring video about network news producer-turned-shepherd's Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. 

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